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Shoof International Ltd is a developer, manufacturer, importer, marketer and exporter of agricultural and veterinary equipment. Shoof is constantly searching world markets to find new and innovative products for the Australian, New Zealand and Chilean animal breeding and veterinary industries. Offers of new products for our range will be welcomed. Shoof is also continually developing new and innovative animal breeding products to export to the world.

Shoof International Ltd was formed in New Zealand in 1973 to develop and market products of our own invention such as the Cattle Shoof and Horse Shoof (‘Shoof’ means shoe-for-a-hoof). It soon became apparent that these new products were of interest to breeders everywhere, so Shoof began establishing distributors in markets around the world. Soon Shoof also began sourcing similar breeding and veterinary equipment products from around the world for sale in New Zealand and Australia.

In 1997 Shoof opened an office in Melbourne, and introduced our “Farmer's Catalogue” there. In 2003 Shoof took over the Melbourne company Agstar Agencies P/L and in 2004 also took over Hayes Veterinary P/L in Brisbane. These two businesses operated in similar fields to Shoof, so the combined business made the full Shoof product range available to breeders throughout Australia through Shoof's Australia-wide dealer network.

With offices and warehouses in Melbourne and Brisbane, Shoof is committed to making our unique range of products available to breeders of all animals in all rural areas of Australia. If you would like your own free copy of our Farmer's Catalogue please respond in our ‘Request Catalogue’ section above. Otherwise you can peruse our full range of products in our ‘Farmer's Catalogue’ section. We suggest you then contact your usual rural-supplies store for the product you require.

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